The Thielert name has been synonymous with high performance engines in automobile racing and prototyping since 2000. Frank Thielert, founder and chairman of the German Thielert AG, decided to expand his company's focus to aircraft engines. These engines have been developed by TAE (Thielert Aircraft Engines), a subsidiary of Thielert AG, and they have been in use in Europe for several years.

Their debut in North America came with the introduction of The Diamond DA 42 twin. But TAE also holds STCs for the engine conversion of most Cessna 172 models, Piper Cherokees and some other types.

The Centurion Engines

To date TAE has developed two families of engines. Both are liquid cooled, turbocharged engines fueled by jet fuel with 3 bladed constant speed props, controlled by a redundant FADEC system with single lever control. The high torque characteristic which is typical for all diesel engines gives these engines an outstanding power to fuel burn ratio.

The smaller of the engines started out as a 1.7L inline 4 cylinder engine with a rated power of 135 hp, based on a Mercedes automobile engine. In 2007 the engine size was increased to 2.0L, and certification for a model with 155 Hp is imminent. The targeted engine life is 2400 hours at which time the engines will be replaced with new engines (rather than overhauled).

The larger engine is a 4.0L V8 engine with 350hp designed for the use in larger single and twin aircraft. Currently STCs have been issued for the conversion of the Cessna 206, several Cessna twins and the Beech Duke.

Halcyon Aviation Maintenance have been one of the first service centers in Canada and recently have been promoted to be the first distribution center in Canada, eligible to perform engine conversions.

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